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Eyebrows education Adelaide



I am a Qualified Beauty Therapist, Cosmetic Tattooist and Makeup Artist with over 10 years experience.


 I started my journey as a Beauty Therapist many years ago. Finding that I had a creative flare I went on to study Cert III in Makeup Artistry. After taking a small break from the beauty industry I realised how much I loved and missed it. I then decided to venture into Cosmetic Tattooing. I attended a full course in Cosmetic Tattooing in Australia and then went on to attend the first PhiBrows course in Australia a year later. This PhiBrows course was a pivotal moment in my career and life. Not long after updating my skills and knowledge I became a Royal Artist, one of two in Australia who held this title at the time. I attended a further 'PhiBrows Perfection Training' in Belgrade, Serbia to refine my skills even further. 


I now specialise in Brow grooming and Brow Microblading and I am one of only 2 PhiBrows Master in Australia who can offer PhiBrows Education - A world renown technique!


My passion is definitely for Microblading and reshaping to create the perfect Brow.


Please contact me via Facebook, Email or on 0403 414 312.

I would love to hear from you.

Mich x


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